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Contemporary Sales Consultancy

We don’t think anyone’s debating the fact that the sales role needs to evolve – and if you are, it may be time to get out from that rock you’re living under ;).


The million-dollar question is, evolve to what?


We think we know the answer.


We’ve developed a view on what the sales role needs to look like – as well as a method for helping our clients transform their (often outdated) sales engines into 21st-century friendly ones.

Yes, it’s about being more digital.  But what it’s not about is digitising sales practices that haven’t worked for ages. 


It’s about asking yourself, “what would a buyer-designed sales journey look like?” – and delivering on that.


We’ve all heard the adage, “people buy from people they trust”. This may well be humanity’s most natural state. And we think there’s a significant competitive advantage to be gained by organisations who refactor their sales role for what today’s buyers need it to be. 


Which, coincidentally, is what we can help you do.

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Strategic Content Studio 

The best salespeople are great storytellers – and are experts at navigating sales conversations.


But traditionally, most of this “greatness” has happened in real-life, during face-to-face conversations with buyers. So how do you help your best salespeople continue to have great conversations digitally?


Well, you need good content. Content that takes those real-life conversations and expresses them digitally and compellingly.

That’s one of our superpowers. We have a team of people taking these stories from salespeople’s mouths and transforming them into blog posts, infographics, presentation decks, podcasts, etc., every day.


The “strategic” part is two-fold.

First, we make sure everything we create aligns to a larger direction – the strategy (often from marketing).

Second, we don’t run off content briefs. Instead, we use our knowledge of your strategy to create content ideas proactively – kind of like a strategic advisor would.

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We think there are significant benefits for businesses to unlock via sales technology. But only if the salestech has been designed for what the sales role should be, not what it was.


Our mantra is, “don’t digitise the nineties; build for what comes next”. And unfortunately, we think most salestech solutions available today do the former, not the latter.


We’ve done a lot of due diligence and have been careful during our selection process – and we are now working with a growing number of software companies who agree with our worldview on this (and who, importantly, aren’t digitising the nineties).


We play the role of the “meat in the sandwich” between our partners’ technologies and our clients’ realities – by focusing on design, implementation, and project management, as well as providing ongoing support for both the tool and attendant processes.


We’re the services around the software – ensuring our clients achieve their goals.

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